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VIDA exists to bring LIFE into communities through the power of food. We have a vision to pioneer premium health food into communities that need it and want it the most, directly addressing the problems with food deserts and food swamps.


Our origin story hits close to home as my father struggled with diabetes and was on dialysis for many years. After his painful passing in 2014, I was left with a profound sense of responsibility to provide not only for my family but to ensure a brighter and healthier future for the next generation.


Around that same time I worked with a non profit where we would build community through apartment resident events. One morning we were having a breakfast on the go and after conversation with a group of kids, they informed me this was what they might be eating for the whole day. I was blown away that this problem was happening right here in Dallas every single day. I told myself one day I would create a premium food option for underserved communities and I wanted to give the very best. This mission became the driving force behind Vida Bowls, and my commitment to community impact is a legacy I hope to pass on to my family.


As of today we offer customizable açaí super food bowls, providing options for catering, delivery, and mobile order pickup, with plans to build a drive-thru experience and place VIDA 4-packs in high end grocery stores that will be connected to our social impact piece called #bowl4bowl. Where every 4pack purchased provides a #vidakids bowl to a local afterschool program. We are currently in partnership After School All Stars North Texas. VIDA wanted giving and serving to be in it's DNA from the very beginning. We have had the honor to serve the students in our local community since 2018 and have provided 1,000's of free bowls because of your continued support.


Our operation is currently unique—we operate from a ghost kitchen in East Dallas inside of a fro yo shop in the very back. We have built a robust catering foundation, serving local apartment communities and corporate offices.


Our focus on a customizable health super food bowl and our vision for a healthier community is what sets us apart. We want to bring VIDA into food swamps and be an oasis in food deserts. We want to pioneer this path for healthier food.  


As we look to the future of the healthy fast casual space we envision a state of the art drive thru and fitness green space where the local community can take group fitness classes and make it easier for all to experience VIDA. 


With your partnership we see a new drive-thru in Dallas, brimming with restaurant tech for operational efficiency so we can keep our cost low and price point affordable. This will allow us to extend our reach and maximize community impact.


By choosing Vida Bowls, you're investing in more than a bowl—you're investing in a Dallas where healthy food is more accessible and enjoyable for all.


Join us in our mission to bring LIFE everywhere we go. We are more than a great tasting açaí bowl —we are an engine and a vehicle for Dallas's future, fueling the next generations purpose, one bowl at a time.




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